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0708, 24 Jun 24

Wisconsin Leftist Groups Sue for Electronic Voting for People with Disabilities


MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin judge on Monday is expected to consider whether to allow people with disabilities to vote electronically from home in the swing state this fall.


Disability Rights Wisconsin, the League of Women Voters and four disabled people filed a lawsuit in April demanding disabled people be allowed to cast absentee ballots electronically from home.


They asked Dane County Circuit Judge Everett Mitchell to issue a temporary injunction before the lawsuit is resolved granting the accommodation in the state’s Aug. 13 primary and November presidential election. Mitchell scheduled a Monday hearing on the injunction.




They argue many people with disabilities can’t cast paper ballots without assistance, violating their right to protect the secrecy of their votes. They say allowing electronic accessibility devices in their homes would allow them to cast a ballot unassisted.

Is it a good idea to allow disabled people to vote electronically? Yeah, maybe. If it can be done in a way with strict, clear requirements in a secure fashion. But that’s not the law. In a functioning republican system of government, it is not within the power of any judge to just create new laws and new ways of voting because he or she thinks it’s a good idea. Laws are to be debated and passed in the legislature by the people’s representatives so that all viewpoints can be heard and considered. Will this judge exercise humility and judicial restraint?

Probably not.


0708, 24 June 2024


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