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2101, 04 Apr 24

Washington County Finds Buyer for Samaritan

Of course it’s all rainbows and sunshine in the announcement, but this looks very positive for the residents and the taxpayers.

WEST BEND — The Washington County Board on Wednesday night voted to sell Samaritan to EOM Healthcare Group, contingent upon negotiations between EOM Healthcare Group and the county.


“We have determined that we are dealing with a qualified offer and a qualified buyer,” said Washington County Executive Josh Schoemann. “They have an offer for us to consider that we think is worthy of your consideration.”


EOM Healthcare Group owns Middleton Village Nursing and Rehab in Middleton, Lincoln Park Nursing and Rehab in Racine, and Bradley Estates Nursing and Rehab in Milwaukee, as well as others across the country.




There were three key conditions that the county was looking for a buyer to accept, including taking care of the residents, taking care of the staff and keeping the skilled nursing licenses within West Bend, if not Washington County.


According to EOM Healthcare Group’s Jacob Jeidel, the main owner, those conditions fit perfectly into their mission. Additionally, EOM healthcare Group said they would keep the facility name, Samaritan, the same.


“EOM is actually an acronym, it stands for everyone matters,” said Jeidel. “I think where that really comes into light is …everybody knows that the residents come first, and that’s obvious. No one will disagree with that.”


“…Unfortunately though, what gets neglected along the way is the staff, and the staff get thrown by the wayside …It’s a lifestyle, it’s not a job, and so the focus here of the company that we try to accomplish, and I think we successfully accomplish in many ways, is very, very much employee focused.”


According to Jeidel, in addition to a number of employee benefits, which are discussed at eomhealthcaregroup. com under “Employee Initiatives,” EOM Healthcare has also increased all floor staff wages on day one after purchasing their current three Wisconsin-based nursing homes, and has increased wages several times since.


“We like to be competitive, not just because we want to hire nurses, but we want to make sure our staff is happy working at the facility,” said Jeidel. “…That is something that is very important to us, and something that we take very seriously.”


2101, 04 April 2024

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  1. Merlin

    I don’t know about the facilities in Middleton and Racine, but their Bradley Estates facility gets a one star out of a possible five ranking from Medicare. Way above average in citations and penalties. Billing issues. Reviews are not good at all.

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