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2058, 26 Jan 24

Feds Force Milwaukee to Outsource Section 8 Housing

There’re a lot of things government should privatize. Education comes to mind…

HUD reports in December 2022 and April 2023 showed HACM was at risk for fraud and abuse and allegedly mismanaged millions of dollars. In May 2023, HUD deemed some of HACM’s programs, including its Section 8 Program, ‘troubled’.


“We pay our rent, we deserve better, you know, better treatment,” one HACM resident said.


Now, HUD is mandating HACM to hire an outside agency to run its multi-million-dollar Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) division, which includes Section 8 housing. In an email, a HACM spokesperson said this includes nearly 6,000 voucher households.


2058, 26 January 2024


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