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0829, 10 Jan 24

Wisconsin Republicans Push Rigged Choice Voting

What the hell are Wisconsin’s Republicans thinking giving this an ounce of air? Ranked choice voting is a ridiculous system that facilitates cheating and erodes confidence in elections. It is damaging to our Republic and should not be considered by serious people.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A bipartisan bill that would dramatically change how Wisconsin residents choose congressional candidates by asking them to rank their top choices instead of voting for one of two candidates had its first public hearing in the state Legislature on Tuesday.


The hearing comes just a week after opponents circulated a proposed constitutional amendment to ban ranked choice voting. It’s unclear whether either measure has enough support to pass, but the movement shows the idea is gaining attention in the battleground state.


The bill before the state Senate’s elections committee on Tuesday would implement a ranked choice voting system known as final five. Under the system, all candidates for a U.S. House or Senate seat would appear together on a primary ballot regardless of their party, with the top five finishers advancing to the general election. Right now, Republicans and Democrats run on separate ballots in partisan primaries.


0829, 10 January 2024


  1. dad29

    The Game of 20 Questions brought to the voting booth!!

    With this abomination, WIsconsin elections will be decided in………oooh……….less than 60 days.

  2. Mike

    If you can’t win with 1 person 1 vote, change the rules. The more complicated voting getts the more opportunities to game the system.

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