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2029, 11 Dec 23

Milwaukee County Supervisor Seen Shirtless on Zoom Call

From Bice. Honestly… bonehead mistake and he handled it with humor and humility. Funny story

Burgelis, who is running for a seat on the Milwaukee Common Council, briefly appeared shirtless during a livestream for the Milwaukee County Board’s Judiciary, Law Enforcement and General Services Committee on Dec. 4. The meeting was being held at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, while Burgelis monitored it virtually from home.


More than two hours into the meeting, the livestream showed Burgelis, a rookie supervisor, without clothes from his waist up for less than 10 seconds. His feed was cut off a little more than a minute after he first appeared bare-chested on the video.


He said he did have pants on.


“It’s embarrassing,” said Burgelis, a mortgage loan officer. “This was clearly not intentional, though I’m always eager to get more exposure for the county, my campaign or my social life.”


As it turns out, Burgelis isn’t even a member of this County Board committee. He said he was using his cellphone to watch what was going on with the panel while doing his laundry at home. He said he had taken off his shirt and tossed it in the wash.


2029, 11 December 2023


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