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2011, 16 Nov 23

Deflation on the Way?

Long term, deflation is much, much worse than inflation. But in small doses, we could use it to reset the baseline. Let’s hope he’s right.

On Thursday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said deflation could be coming as general merchandise and key grocery items, such as eggs, chicken and seafood get cheaper.

He said the retailer expects some of the stickier higher prices, such as the ones for pantry staples, to “start to deflate in the coming weeks and months,” too.


“In the U.S., we may be managing through a period of deflation in the months to come,” he said on the company’s Thursday earnings call. “And while that would put more unit pressure on us, we welcome it, because it’s better for our customers.”


2011, 16 November 2023


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