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0728, 10 Oct 23

Wisconsin Supreme Court Restricts Public Access to Eviction Records

Two years is nothing. It is as close to useless as you can be without being completely useless. Landlords in Wisconsin are going to end up renting to a lot of bad tenants. Look for evictions to increase and rents to go up to cover the costs.

MADISON (AP) — The Wisconsin Supreme Court voted Monday in its first public administrative conference in more than a decade to reduce from 20 years to two years the time when most eviction records must be kept on the state court website.


The change was sought by tenant rights advocates who argued that the longer record-keeping has made it more difficult for people with lower incomes to find housing.


The court voted 4-3, with liberals in support and conservatives against, for shortening the recordkeeping on the state court website, commonly referred to by the acronym CCAP.


0728, 10 October 2023


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