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1852, 03 Aug 23

Two Chinese Spies Arrested


Two US Navy sailors in California have been arrested on charges of providing sensitive military information to China, authorities said Thursday.

Jinchao Wei, 22, a naturalised US citizen, is accused of conspiring to send national defence information to a Chinese agent.


A second sailor, Wenheng Zhao, 26, was arrested on charges of accepting money for sensitive photos and videos.

It is not clear if the two men were contacted by the same Chinese agent.




He was allegedly approached by a Chinese agent in February 2022, while he was going through the process of becoming a US citizen.


The agent paid Mr Wei, who also goes by the name Patrick Wei, thousands of dollars for photographs, videos, technical manuals and blueprints of the ship, the indictment said.


Justice Department officials said Mr Wei also gave the agent details of US Marines who were on a maritime training exercise.

“When a soldier or sailor chooses cash over country and hands over national defence information in an ultimate act of betrayal, we have to be ready to act,” said US Attorney Randy Grossman.

It seems that ol’ Randy’s statement might apply to the CIC and his mini me.


1852, 03 August 2023

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