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1327, 02 Aug 23

Democrats File Petition Protesting “Rigged” Maps

And so it begins

They better be careful. One can be prosecuted by the DOJ for saying that you think the electoral process is unfair or manipulated.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A lawsuit filed Wednesday asks Wisconsin’s newly liberal-controlled state Supreme Court to throw out Republican-drawn legislative maps as unconstitutional, the latest legal challenge of many nationwide that could upset political boundary lines before the 2024 election.


The long-promised action is backed by Democrats and was filed by a coalition of law firms and voting rights advocacy groups. It comes the day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court flipped from a conservative to liberal majority, with the start of the term of a justice who said that the Republican maps were “rigged” and should be reviewed.


1327, 02 August 2023


  1. jonnyv

    If you don’t believe that the Rs “rigged” the maps in 2011, then you have your head in the sand. I think that the lines should be re-drawn, and I hope that the court throws out the old maps. But, I don’t trust the Dems or the Reps to draw fair maps. I would like to see some sort of rules (county lines, natural boundaries, etc) that have nothing to do with political affiliation. TRY to find a 3rd party that can do this more fairly than we have seen the past 2 of them done. There has to be some sort of computer program that can look at boundaries and population and make an unbiased drawing of a map that can be used.

    Even with redrawn lines, I don’t think the Ds can take any sort of control in either house. But, based on how divided our state is, the numbers should be a little more contested in some spots.

  2. Tuerqas

    Heh, the problem with the county lines theory or any non-political boundary setting might show how the populace really feels in any given area. Neither side has the confidence to let the chips fall where they may JV.
    At least you are smart enough to not trust Dems with setting voting boundaries either. Kind of weird since you do trust them with so many other things like mortgaging the US future with crippling debt to pay for your votes, trillions of COVID dollars where only billions were spent on COVID relief of any sort, the rest finding their way into graft pockets, general slush funds and a single party’s campaign funds. And there is no end to their continued greed and shameless taking money from all and then giving it back to their friends. We will drown in our own debt as long as the Government still gets the cream until and after the end of our country as we know it.

  3. dad29



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