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0755, 25 Jul 23

Leftists take control of the judiciary

My column of the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. I’m not optimistic about the next decade or more in Wisconsin, and I think control of the legislature matters less than ever. Here’s a part:

Beginning next week, extremist leftists will control two of Wisconsin’s three branches of government when activist Justice Janet Protasiewicz takes her seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin did not spend $8 million to elect her in the most expensive state Supreme Court race in the history of our nation to not expect dramatic results. Dramatic results we will see.




Wisconsin’s leftists know that they will likely not get control of the legislature for some time to come. Their ideas are too unpopular in the majority of Wisconsin’s districts (no matter how they draw them) and turning out the leftist voters in Milwaukee and Dane Counties will never get a Democrat elected in Waupaca. The Democratic governor has already done a masterful job this year in neutering the Republican-led legislature. They intend to use the Supreme Court to make the legislature insignificant in the governing of the state.




Leftists are also talking about launching cases to have the Supreme Court decide in their favor on massive public policy issues that have been debated in the state for decades. Very soon, expect the Supreme Court to make rulings that gut School Choice, overturn Right to Work, undermine Act 10, and put fangs into the mouth of the DNR. When the majority of the justices on the Supreme Court do not recognize any limits to their power and authority, we can expect them to act accordingly.


Make no mistake. The state and national leftists have been working and planning the takeover of the Supreme Court for years. They are not going to show any restraint in reshaping the state to their ideology irrespective of how much the little people bleat. Wisconsin is going to be a very different state in two years.


0755, 25 July 2023


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