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1455, 11 Jul 23

Mileaukee Jacks Up Sales Tax

But of course.

What began as a tense and unpredictable day at Milwaukee City Hall Tuesday ended with the Common Council’s backing of a 2% local sales tax by a wider margin than required.


The critical vote offers the city a new revenue source to avert major service cuts in 2025 even as some council members said it would put additional financial pressure on residents living in poverty.




Afterward, Pérez said he was a bit surprised it passed with more than the minimum 10 votes required. Ultimately, the tax passed with 12 in favor and 3 opposed.



1455, 11 July 2023


  1. Jason

    Welcome to Illinois tax rates… Hahaha fools.

  2. Merlin

    >What began as a tense and unpredictable day

    Oh, bullshit. Minor theatrics aside, there was never anything unpredictable about the outcome. The public hearings were a mere formality. This was a done deal as soon as the the legislature offered it.

  3. Mar

    Meanwhile, Wauwatosa, Cudahy and Shorewood merchants cheer.

  4. dad29

    Watched Channel 4 last night. The Charles of Benson practically wept into the mike as he asked Corvair Johnson how the poor and downtrodden could possibly afford another $230/year in taxes paid.

    The Charles is a genuine jackass.

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