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1315, 05 Jul 23

Evers Uses Veto to Increase Taxes and Spending

As predicted here and elsewhere, any Conservative gains written into the budget by Republicans have been obliterated. Evers has had a spectacular Spring in terms of getting almost everything he wanted from the Republican legislature while giving up very little.

MADISON – Democratic Gov. Tony Evers, a former public school educator, used his broad partial veto authority this week while taking action on the next two-year state budget to increase funding for public schools for the next four centuries.


The surprise move will ensure districts’ state-imposed limits on how much revenue they are allowed to raise will be increased by $325 per student each year until 2425, creating a permanent annual stream of new revenue for public schools and potentially curbing a key debate between Democrats and Republicans during each state budget-writing cycle.




Evers also vetoed the majority of the centerpiece of Republican lawmakers’ budget plan: a $3.5 billion tax cut that focused relief for the state’s wealthiest residents. Instead, the reshaped budget will provide $175 million in tax relief and won’t condense the state’s four income tax brackets into three as Republicans proposed, according to the governor.


1315, 05 July 2023


  1. Mar

    So, for the next 402 years, the school districts can raise how much they can spend per student, up to a $325 increase a year?
    That’s a $139,000 increase

  2. Merlin

    Evers elevated himself to a divine rank Democrat with this move. That’s major evil empire stuff.

  3. Merlin

    The more you read about this the worse it looks. WI GOP leadership got rolled flatter than Wile E. Coyote. AGAIN.

  4. dad29

    My inside source at Legislature tells me that Vos thinks he is a genius.

    But never mind all that. Get out there and canvass, speechify, and vote Republican. Because it does so much for you!

  5. Merlin

    Sounded like a bit of a fool talking with Jay Weber this morning. Tried pushing an indignant tone with lots of but, but, but. No, he doesn’t think he got rolled. Yes, there are things that can still be done… mostly by others… but don’t look for much success. Nauseating performance.

  6. Jason

    Walker and the fools in both houses could have prevented Evers from doing this before he took office, but they were a bunch of pussies. Next budget sent in should be one sentence “Next year’s budget 10% less than this year’s.” Good luck vetoing that creatively Old Boring. When you fuck around, you find out.

  7. dad29

    Sounded like a bit of a fool talking with Jay Weber this morning

    So nothing new, eh?

  8. MHMaley

    Evers just drops the 1 in 10% and you get 0% less .

    The least charismatic politician in America once again has his way with the GOP .

    The Washington County executive and his Task Force also got their ass handed to them regarding their late game Holy Mary pass to merge the UWWC and tech school campus .

    In a laughable commentary about their loss , The county executive complained that the institutions hadn’t contacted him about the merger:

    Yet his Task Force never contacted either institution in their process .

    Vos and Josh had a really bad week .

  9. Jason

    Evers just drops the 1 in 10% and you get 0%

    Still a win in my book. Keeps him from increasing it.

  10. dad29

    Holy Mary pass

    Been a while since you’ve been in church, eh?

  11. Jason

    Or a football game

  12. Merlin

    State budgets last two years, so the 402 years is subject to further budget action next time around. That’s assuming Republicans can hold majorities and learn to write something other than a Democrat wet dream. Big assumptions, I know.

  13. dad29

    Mar, Vos announced that he’s going to sue Evers.

    Chirp. Chirp.

  14. Mar

    Vos is going to sue?
    Now that the GOD lost control of the WI supreme court, that’s a hoit.

  15. dad29

    Unhhh,.,.Vos’ announcement is click-bait. He’s hoping that Conservatives will think it’s a BIG DEAL that he sues. In other words, he’s blowing foo-foo dust all over the place.

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