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0742, 26 Jun 23

Wisconsin Man Apprehends Serial Criminal in Attic

I’m not sure why it’s relevant that he’s a CCW holder. This happened in his home. Still, it’s a good outcome.

Wisconsin concealed carry holder found a man suspected of a local crime spree in his attic and held him at gunpoint until police arrived, authorities said.


A Cudahy, Wisconsin, homeowner only identified by local media as “John J.” said he returned to his home last Monday morning after work and made a disturbing discovery that an intruder was in his home. Cudahy is located in Milwaukee County.


“I opened my back door, and I saw a bunch of insulation from my roof, from my attic, on my kitchen floor. We thought an animal was upstairs,” John told WISN 12. “We thought an animal was upstairs. And it turned out to be an armed felon with a pistol.”




Turner was on parole for a hit-and-run at the time of his arrest on June 19, WISN reported.


0742, 26 June 2023

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    That “held him at gunpoint” is likely the reason they included his license status.

    Of course, they could have simply said “detained him” and let it go at that.

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