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0635, 06 Jun 23

Pro-moms. Pro-babies.

My column for the Washington County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part:

Still, one must step back from the political machinations at play and marvel at the ghoulishness and cruelty of Evers’ position. He refuses to extend the child tax credit to unborn children because to do so would acknowledge that they are children. Even at nine months, Evers’ maniacal support for abortions cannot acknowledge that the baby is a human — as if the thin layers of skin, muscle, and membrane separating the baby from air also separates her from humanity.


In Evers’ pro-abortion world, it would be unforgivable to clarify when an abortion would be allowed to protect a mother’s life. He would rather see the mother die, or the doctors risk their careers, than sign anything that might be construed as defining an unborn baby as a living human deserving of protection.


As Republicans are putting forth reasonable changes to the law in consideration of concerns raised, Evers will broker no adjustments in lieu of his ardent desire to see babies aborted up to the point of natural birth. If there is a more radical and grisly position, I know not what it is.


0635, 06 June 2023

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  1. Mike

    Has “the moment of birth” ever been legally defined? Depending on your point of view it could be anywhere from the first indications of birth to cutting the cord or even later.

    Normalizing abortion was one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in history. It made it ok to kill unwanted human beings. Look at where Canada is going with that to see our future.

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