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0751, 06 Apr 23

Tech Layoffs “outsized impact on parts of the business that don’t generate revenue”

Ouch. This is the same reason that we see layoffs disproportionately hitting areas like DEI. It’s a good lesson for anyone’s career… work in the part of the business that generates money. It’s not always possible. Every company needs HR, accounting, etc. people, but it’s safest if you are somewhere in the flow of cash.

CNBC spoke with influencers, small businesses and Meta account managers as well as a half-dozen former contractors and former Meta employees about the deterioration in customer service at the company since the job cuts began in November. Taken together, they tell the story of a company whose quick pivot in late 2022 from rapid expansion mode to forced contraction had an outsized impact on parts of the business that don’t generate revenue.


The slashing of customer service has left Meta unable to address user issues ranging from people being locked out of their accounts to software bugs not getting fixed in Facebook Groups. It’s long been a challenge for Meta, given that Facebook and Instagram are used daily by billions of people. In August, Meta’s vice president of governance, Brent Harris, told Bloomberg News the tech giant was looking to improve its support.


A Meta spokesperson declined to comment for this story but sent CNBC examples of various ways the company has invested in customer service in recent years, including a small test of a live chat support feature on Facebook and a support site for some creators.


0751, 06 April 2023


  1. dad29

    Customer Service has ALWAYS been considered a part of the sales organization. How Meta can cut that out reflects their bubble mentality: “We’re the only game in town, f*** you!”

    That business model is not one for the long run.

  2. Jason

    I was going to say the same thing Dad. The executive leadership’s shortsightedness and knee jerk reactions are also shining examples of Liberals in charge.

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