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0715, 15 Mar 23

Wrong Benchmarks

I think that the Republican Chair is using the wrong benchmarks.

“We’ve raised more money in this year alone than we did in all of 2021, and almost all of 2022,” Schimming said. “The fundraising is going really well. And the grassroots support has been terrific.”


Kelly is behind in the money race, almost two-to-one.




The Democratic Party of Wisconsin already gave Protasiewicz $2.5 million for her campaign, and Wickler said there will be more if necessary.


Schimming was quick to say more than 90% of Protasiewicz’s money is from out of state, but added Kelly has been busy raising cash in Wisconsin.

Nobody cares if the Republican side has raised more money than 2021 or 2022. Nobody cares if more of the money is from Wisconsin than the Democrats. The only thing that matters is whether or not Kelly has enough money to get his message out as well as Protasiewicz. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same, or even more, but it does need to be enough.

Also, I saw some stats from a friend who runs a web presence. The liberals are vastly outspending the conservatives in digital media and engagement. The campaign won’t be won on the television or radio. It will be won on the computer screens and neighborhoods. I don’t know what the ground game looks like, but a dollar spent for a good organizer in a Wisconsin town is far more important than another commercial.

All that being said, Wisconsin and national conservatives need to get off their asses if they want to keep all of the conservative progress we made in the last decade.


0715, 15 March 2023

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  1. dad29

    a dollar spent for a good organizer in a Wisconsin town is far more important than another commercial.

    You didn’t get the memo? Just because Democrats pay ‘influencers’ $250.00 for calling/texting their friends does NOT mean that REPUBLICANS will stoop to such a degrading and dishonorable level of politics. Just because Democrats lie and slander in their ads does not mean that we will counter-punch. Nosirreee!!

    “We will lose, but WITH HONOR!!” they said, as the nation slipped under the waves.

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