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0750, 23 Feb 23

Restaurants Offer Subscription Services

Interesting concept.

Consumers are willing to pay monthly subscription fees for streaming services, pet food and even toilet paper – and now some U.S restaurants are betting they’ll do the same for their favorite meals.


Large American chains such as Panera and P.F. Chang’s as well as neighborhood hangouts are increasingly experimenting with the subscription model as a way to ensure steady revenue and customer visits. Some offer unlimited drinks or free delivery for a monthly fee; others will bring out your favorite starter each time you visit.


They’re following a trend: The average American juggled 6.7 subscriptions in 2022, up from 4.2 in 2019, according to Rocket Money, a personal finance app.


‘This is just another way for customers to provide a level of support and joy and love for our offerings,’ said Matt Baker, the chef at Gravitas, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Washington.


0750, 23 February 2023


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