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0738, 13 Dec 22

Senator Backbencher

My column for the Washinton County Daily News is online and in print. Here’s a part:

Wisconsin has a long, annoying history of electing and re-electing relatively benign, but equally useless Democrat politicians. Herb Kohl, Russ Feingold, Tony Evers, virtually every mayor of Milwaukee in the modern era, and so many more were quite happy to keep their heads down, eschew controversial issues, and enjoy a light schedule. Perhaps this has never been as true as it is with Wisconsin’s current junior United States Senator, Tammy Baldwin.


After spending eight years in the Wisconsin Assembly without an accomplishment to her name, Democrat voters sent her to the U.S. House of Representatives where she spent fourteen years doing just as little. In 2012, Wisconsin’s voters sent her to the U.S. Senate. After six years without any accomplishments, the voters reelected her in 2018 to serve a second term. Rarely has someone risen so high having accomplished so little.




Fresh off that emotional high, Baldwin has authored a bill that would use taxpayer dollars to fund a $350 million annual grant program to pay for travel expenses for women who have to travel to get an abortion. It is a bill that is as offensive as it is unserious.


The bill comes in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court case that consigned the regulation of abortion to the states. Baldwin wants federal taxpayers to pay for travel costs for women who live in states that have chosen strict restrictions on killing babies to travel to states that are more willing to kill babies. Let us take the bill at face value.


0738, 13 December 2022


  1. dad29


    Tammy was the co-sponsor of the War on Churches bill. She’s so good at her job that both Bryan Steil and Mike Gallagher agreed: a war on churches is exactly what America needs now.

  2. Jason

    >Maybe churches do deserve a bot of scrutiny…

    Not sure what a “bot” of scrutiny means, but if they are guilty, then prosecute them. While you’re at it, how about all the asshats from all parties who have done the same. I (and all the regulars that you hate here) know there are conservatives and liberals both that have abuse covid programs. Do you ever have a point?

  3. Randall Flagg

    *****know there are conservatives and liberals both that have abuse covid programs****

    Of course, that is why I regularly see you pointing out conservative abuses (hahahahahaha)

    And hate? No I don’t hate any of you. I reserve hate for people like this:
    (Not to mention Bud Marty May )

    Interesting by the way that I didn’t read about these on the blog or comments, seeing as how you and others are so worried about “conservatives and liberals”

    I do pity you though. You seem to take these boards way too seriously, and show a cult-like devotion to Trump and the Republican party.

  4. dad29

    Once again, Pfluggh contributes zero to the discussion with another clumsy “SQUIRREL!!” comment.

  5. Mar

    “Of course, that is why I regularly see you pointing out conservative abuses (hahahahahaha)”
    And that’s why we see liberals here think Senile Joe Biden and John Fetterwoman are completely normal, never condemned a pervert judge who downloaded and distributed child porn, who refuse to condemn the horrible Biden administration.
    At least some of us will call out conservatives who do dumb things. Liberals don’t.

  6. Randall Flagg

    Biden and Fetterman are not completely normal, just were better choices than there opponents.

    Similarly, the Biden administration isn’t perfect, just better than the Trump administration. As an example of a Biden criticism I have: he does need to beef up border security– way too many crossings.

    I don’t remember anything about a judge on here, but if you point me to the post and where someone refused to condemn a judge I will gladly look at it.

  7. dad29

    Pflugghh………..has a competent psychiatrist released you into the general population?

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