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2027, 09 Dec 22

Senator Baldwin Proposes Travel Fund for Aborters

This is where Baldwin’s priorities lie – making taxpayers pay travel expenses for people to get abortions. Where is she on the raging inflation, weakening global status, open border, or any other of the issues that actually impact Wisconsinites? Nowhere…

A bill introduced Thursday by Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin seeks to establish a four-year, $350 million annual government grant program that would help support women in Wisconsin and across the country who have to travel long distances to get an abortion.


The bill would allow non-profit and community-based organizations to apply for federal funding that can go toward the cost of travel, lodging, child care, translation services, meals and other logistical support associated with obtaining abortion services.


2027, 09 December 2022


  1. Mike

    Look at Canada to see where this is heading. Abortion on demand normalized the killing of unwanted human beings.
    Canada is now killing people that cost money in their universal health care system. It is just a short step away from exterminating political opponents.

  2. Jason

    Well Mike, we just read last week that a Canadian official offered euthanization to a veteran who was complaining about lack of care. I think they’re already at the point you fear.

  3. MHMaley

    Women have no rights when it comes to their bodies .

    Nor should they be able to have an abortion say 29% of the American public because it violates MY beliefs

    But what about the other 71% ? Shut up and have the kid under any circumstances say the vast minority .

    What a country .

  4. Jason

    >What a country .

    Don’t let your ass hit the door on the way out.

  5. dad29

    Women have no rights when it comes to their bodies .

    Wrong again.

    Women have ALWAYS had the right to keep their knees together.

    It’s men who have been deprived, Maley. We don’t have the right to kill innocent people like women do in the USA.

  6. Owen

    Man, do you know how awesome it would be if I could kill people who inconvenience me!?!? I’m in!

    (said in jest to emphasize the point)

  7. Merlin

    In some parts of the world ‘accidental’ kitchen fires solve certain inconveniences.

  8. Randall Flagg

    *****It’s men who have been deprived, Maley. ******

    Men have always been able to walk away from a pregnancy, at any time, with 0 consequences. Women do not have such a luxury. So in no way have men been deprived.

  9. dad29

    As usual, Pflug runs a (failed) deflection.

  10. Jason

    >As usual, Pflug runs a (failed) deflection.

    One trick pony and all.

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