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2019, 04 Dec 22

Defense Secretary to Keep COVID Vaccine Mandate

What a blithering idiot who is harming our military effectiveness. There are a lot of Americans who can fight like hell, but aren’t going to take an ineffective and possible damaging (especially to young men) vaccine to do it. The vaccine should be available, but not mandatory.

ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT (AP) — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he wants to keep the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place to protect the health of the troops, as Republican governors and lawmakers press to rescind it.


This past week more than 20 Republican governors sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking that the administration remove the mandate, saying it has hurt the U.S. National Guard’s ability to recruit troops. Those troops are activated by governors to respond to natural disasters or unrest.


Congress may consider legislation this coming week to end the mandate as a requirement to gather enough support to pass this years’ defense budget, which is already two months late.



2019, 04 December 2022

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  1. Mar

    Obviously, the woke generals and Senile Joe Biden and his puppeteers don’t believe in science.
    This is another way to make the military woke by getting rid of as many conservatives in the military as possible
    This has nothing to do with science but just about power and control

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