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2114, 27 Oct 22

Partisan School Administrators Endorse Evers

This says far more about school administrators than it does about Evers.

MADISON — Members of the School Administrators Alliance (SAA), representing more than 4,000 public school principals, special education directors, business officials, school personnel administrators and superintendents throughout Wisconsin, have endorsed Governor Tony Evers for re-election.


SAA Executive Director Dee Pettack has issued the following statement regarding this endorsement:

“SAA does not often get involved in endorsing candidates in gubernatorial elections, as school administrators are nonpartisan in their approach to working with policymakers. However, we recognize that elections are about choices and priorities. This year, we believe the choice is so compelling and clear that we cannot remain silent. It is with pride and a clear sense of purpose for the public school children we serve that we endorse Governor Tony Evers for re-election due to his policy agenda for public school children in Wisconsin.

By virtually every single measure, education is far, far worse now than it was when Evers took office. Despite a lifetime in education, under the Evers Administration test scores have plummeted, violence in schools is up, and kids are struggling thanks to the disastrous policies of Evers and his ilk. And yet, we are spending more money than ever on government education.

What does it say about these “non-partisan” school administrators that they support Evers despite the damage he has done to our kids and their futures? Any school administrator who doesn’t disavow this endorsement should be fired immediately. They do not have our kids’ best interests at heart. And if they claim that they don’t want to weigh in on a partisan political issue… BS. Too late. They already have.


2114, 27 October 2022


  1. dad29


    These are “grown-up” teachers, after all. They know which hand is feeding them (unlike Froedtert) and also know that Michels is thinking of shutting down DPI. Maybe that was a joke……….and maybe not.

    For them, it’s existential.

  2. Merlin

    The near future of public education in Wisconsin is rather predictable. Republicans will speak sternly about the need for reforms. Public education will stubbornly resist any and all attempts at reform while crying before the cameras about how the poor, innocent children are suffering at the hands of evil reformers. Dem media will run with it incessantly until Republicans tuck tail and slink away, offering them more money just to shut up.

  3. dad29

    And SOME Republicans, Alberta Darling by name, will send MORE money to the educationistas.

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