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2114, 28 Aug 22

Dutch Commandos Shot in Indianapolis

What a curious story.

Three Dutch commandos, who were in the US for training, have been shot and wounded outside a hotel in the city of Indianapolis while off duty.

The incident occurred at around 03:30 on Saturday local time in the city’s entertainment district.


Indianapolis police say officers found the three men with gunshot wounds and they were taken to nearby hospitals.




Local police said they believed there had been an earlier altercation between the men and another person or group.


Speaking to FOX59, an officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said: “Right now the information we’re willing to disclose is that it was not something that occurred inside the hotel.


“It was a previous altercation we believe at another location.”


The Dutch defence ministry said the men’s families had been informed and that an investigation by local police was under way.

No arrests have been made.


2114, 28 August 2022


  1. dad29

    Ft Benjamin Harrison provides ‘commando’ training? Huh!

  2. Merlin

    They were training at the Army’s Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville. They run a cyberwarfare training program, among other things. Indianapolis is better than an hour’s drive from backwater Butlerville. They went to the big city looking for some Saturday night excitement. Found it.

  3. penquin

    Was somewhat perplexed by the headline at first, ’cause Reagan is who popped in my mind upon seeing the word “Dutch”

  4. dad29

    You’ve gone from bothersome bartender to just plain weird.

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