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1717, 15 Aug 22

Leftists Eye Takeover of Court to Transform Wisconsin

Knowing that they stand little chance of getting control of the legislature, Wisconsin’s liberals are looking to use the Supreme Court as an activist branch to enact their agenda. The November election is important. The April election may be more important.

Wisconsin Democrats are already envisioning, if they win the election in April and take a 4-3 majority, a political transformation of the state.


“In terms of the ability to change Wisconsin in two years, this could be an utterly different state,” said Kelda Roys, a Democratic state senator from Madison. “That is our real opportunity to not just stop the bad stuff from happening, but actually restore real democracy and accountability to Wisconsin, things like abortion rights and fair elections where your candidate might actually win.”


1717, 15 August 2022


  1. Mar

    Elections have consequences.
    If the Democrats win legitimately, then they own the court.
    And it would be the Republicans fault if this happened.

  2. penquin

    They are only considered “activist judges” when the other side is sitting on the bench

    That aside, there is some joy in seeing that this is a group of Wisconsinites rather than a couple out-of-state billionaires who are looking to “transform” our state via the courts….thanks for pointing that out.

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