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1938, 06 Jun 22

Ancient Politician Heads to Africa During Campaign

Arrogant or indifferent?

La Follette told The Associated Press that he plans to leave on a trip to Kenya and Zimbabwe on Sunday and doesn’t plan to return to Wisconsin until “early July.” The 81-year-old Democrat said he booked the trip two years ago but had to postpone it due to the COVID-19 pandemic and doesn’t want to lose his down payment.

The trip comes as La Follette faces a challenge within his own party for his job and with Republicans targeting his office.

“It’s probably not the best time, but I had no choice unless I had to forfeit the payment I made for it,” he said. “So I decided that life has to go on.”


1938, 06 June 2022


  1. Merlin

    At 81 I don’t begrudge him the vacation.

    C’mon, man! Think positive. Secretary of State. If he loves it there and decides to stay we haven’t lost a thing. It could be Wisconsin’s cultural gift to Kenya and/or Zimbabwe.

  2. Mar

    Just like Milwaukee’s gift to Luxembourg?

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