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0506, 19 May 22

Politicos Frustrated with Wisconsin Conservative Activists


State party Chair Paul Farrow says the engagement he’s seeing from the grassroots is unlike anything he’s seen before.


It’s just some of them have forgotten all the conservative priorities GOP lawmakers delivered on pre-2016.


There’s been noticeable grumbling among some GOP activists over the last couple of years about the “establishment” and “Madison Republicans” over things that range from election integrity to the party’s endorsement process in statewide races.


Farrow told in a new interview previewing this weekend’s state convention that many of those frustrated with the party didn’t get active until 2016, when Donald Trump was on the ballot for the first time. They’ve also forgotten things like Act 10, right-to-work, concealed carry and photo ID that got done before they got active.

I don’t completely disagree. We got a lot done in those heady years of 2011-2016. We should remember and appreciate it. I was there. So were a lot of other conservative activists.

BUT.. 2016 was SIX years ago, And politics is not about what you’ve done. It’s about what you are going to do. Farrow and other Republicans are still looking to be rewarded for their hard work of SIX years ago. And many of those same Republicans who championed the conservative reform revolution of the Walker area have changed. They have become complacent, lazy, or outright institutionalized in Madison.

AND… Farrow and others should be spending less time reminding the base about what they have done and more time listening to the base about what the base wants them to do next.


0506, 19 May 2022


  1. Merlin

    Hard to believe Farrow actually said it out loud. Confirming that he’s out of step is not a good look for a state party chairman, but at least it reveals an acknowledgment of what’s about to hit them. Time for him (and others) to either lead, follow, or get run over.

  2. dad29

    Given the way the Waukesha County caucus was rigged to prevent ANY discussion of the Fraud of ’20, Farrow’s reminiscing about the Good Old Days is right in step.

    With 2016 and 2018.

    In business, the watchword is “What have you done for me lately?”–and Farrow’s answer has to be “Zip. Why do you ask?”

    Vos, LeMahieu (who inherited his seat) and lately Fitzgerald (spending money on European problems) are disgusting.

    But they comb their hair real nice!!

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