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1856, 03 Mar 22

Wisconsin Supreme Court Picks Evers’ Redistricting Maps

It’s safe to say that Wisconsin’s Supreme Court no longer has a conservative majority. It’s just the Hagedorn Court and his reasoning is so haphazard that the court’s ruling are just the luck of the draw. It all depends on how Hagedorn was feeling that day.

The state Supreme Court today delivered a win for Dems in picking Gov. Tony Evers’ congressional and legislative boundaries.


Even so, the new lines — if they withstand an appeal — would still leave Dems fighting an uphill battle to take the majority in the Assembly or Senate.


Writing for a 4-3 majority, Justice Brian Hagedorn wrote Evers’ maps most closely followed the court’s November directive to take a “least-change” approach to the existing lines Republicans drew a decade ago.




Ziegler, the court’s chief justice, slammed the majority ruling as “a complete lack of regard for the Wisconsin Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause,” adding it “amounts to nothing more than an imposition of judicial will.”


Roggensack wrote that by adopting Evers’ map, the court’s majority had engaged in racial gerrymandering and hoped the U.S. Supreme Court will be asked to “review Wisconsin’s unwarranted racial gerrymander, which clearly does not survive strict scrutiny.”


1856, 03 March 2022


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