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2008, 28 Feb 22

Cedarburg is Hive of Scum and Villainy

From Senator Duey Stroebel

I have been in statewide public office for almost 11 years now. The vile, disgusting behavior I am currently witnessing in the Cedarburg School Board election tops anything I have seen in my tenure.


A slate of four liberal challengers, publicly endorsed by our county’s Democratic Party, are intent on destroying via any means possible the three other candidates—Rick Leach, a former Cedarburg police officer, Elizabeth Charland, a young mom, and Laura Stroebel, a 28-year resident, small business owner and mother of eight who happens to be my wife. There had been a fourth non-liberal candidate, Jen Calzada. She has already suspended her campaign due to the harassment of her family.


All this from the challengers that tout tolerance, acceptance and compassion. That’s if you agree with them—if you don’t agree with their core ideology and divisive beliefs, it’s character assassination and dirty tricks. Systematic vandalism of campaign signs (even at my own house!), nasty emails and outrageous social media have been par for the course so far. But there is more. It was recently brought to my attention that an open records request was submitted to the Cedarburg Police Department and Ozaukee County Sheriff inquiring about me personally, as well as any “calls to service” for various periods of time relating to my family’s home, our former family home, our small business office, my mother’s home and my in-laws’ home. Some of these requests go back to when I was 19. . . I am now 62 years old!


My family and I have nothing to hide. But the requester, from Washington D.C. of all places, doesn’t know that. My family’s extended time and involvement in the community speaks for itself. But really, Washington D.C., all over a local school board race?


What is the end game? To intimidate decent people they don’t agree with from running for local office? These are the hypocritical values of people seeking to be in charge of our children’s education. It’s about the kids, right? I have a wonderful family and eight great kids, but if they can advance the cause, who cares about the collateral damage.


In this race, and all the races like this, let’s keep the focus on the students and the education we will be providing them. Let’s pull back the mask on some of these people and in the process hope that the “destroy at all costs” mantra of many from the leftist persuasion becomes a distant blip in our history.


2008, 28 February 2022


  1. Mar

    What else do expect liberals to do? Most are thugs or support thugs. Just look at Lying Karen Le Roi, Malay and Foust, when was here.

  2. Merlin

    I suspect Sen. Stroebel has known all along how the game is played. Is the fact that his wife is being targeted for personal destruction by a political party known to condone looting, rioting, and arson as intimidation tactics concerning? Absolutely. But it was also concerning long before it came to Stroebel’s little Mayberry.

    Now that it’s personal what is elected representative Sen. Stroebel willing to do about it? Whining and wishing it away hasn’t worked so far. He naively asks about their end game as if he doesn’t already know the answer. He knows the answer is that they’ll do whatever it takes to make decent people uncomfortable enough to walk away from the electoral process. He also knows that abandoning the process is not the answer. Now would be a good time to lead, Sen. Stroebel.

  3. dad29

    Cedarburg is about 3-4 years ahead of Elmbrook District in the level of dirtbag tricks.

  4. Tuerqas

    “Is the fact that his wife is being targeted for personal destruction by a political party known to condone looting, rioting, and arson as intimidation tactics concerning?”

    Maybe from his own personal experiences, he knows that the majority of politicians actually are villainous scum, so a lot of the shit libs try to stick to the walls in their ads has at least a grain of truth. He know his own wife has no shit to stick and is a little pissed that libs are getting away with blatant slander. Blatant slander and social rumor is the vast bulk of liberal campaigning today, and everyone including lib voters should be pissed.

  5. Jason

    Leroy, they’re just following the Grey Man’s examples.

    >In May 2020, the governor settled an open records lawsuit with then-state Rep. John Nygren. The Evers administration agreed to release more than 10,000 pages of documents to the Marinette Republican and pay $40,000 in attorney fees. Of course, taxpayers paid the bill.

    >Fox6 News in 2019 made a request for four weeks of emails. Reject as too broad. Narrowed the request to one week. Rejected. Narrowed to ONE DAY. Rejected. In November, Dane County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Ehlke ruled the governor’s office’s interpretation of the state’s open records law was “incorrect.” Evers, again, was ordered to turn over all the documents sought and pay attorney fees.

    So save your “However”, since you did not mention Nygren’s victory, or Fox6News victory against Evers. You’re just a drooling simp Leroy, a master of Stain Collection.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Ah, the old “the other guys do it, too”, defense. How original.

  7. Tuerqas

    No Le Roi, 3 judges found nothing of the sort. The judges found that Gableman did not release information to a ‘liberal group’ that requested the release before he issued his recommendations. To get ahead of it, I am sure. “The judge issued his ruling one day after the recommendations were given”, which means the lib group had to have asked for the records while Gableman’s probe was ongoing. That is like the defense requesting the DA’s attack plan before the the trial, but whatever. That is all irrelevant. The ruling by the judges was not even one tiny bit related to Gableman’s findings or recommendations. It is purely related to the alleged fact that Gableman refused to turn over information regarding the investigation to his enemies. Hence it does not show Gableman’s report to be wrong in any way as you contend.
    What a wonder, a new straw man from Le Roi. Trying to prove that Gableman’s report is wrong because Gableman did not give up source material to the people ready to attack it before his report was even presented. And since Le Roi is already attacking Gableman’s report as wrong, obviously without having any idea what it says, the ploy worked. Libs will never listen to what it says now, because they already believe it is ‘wrong’ because lib news sources presented this piece trying to put the report into question without actually putting anything it says into question. Don’t worry Le Roi, I don’t think you tried to create a straw man argument here, you just repeat them all from the deceptive straw man pyramid that liberal news sources are.

  8. Mar

    I remember once, Tuerqas, when you actually tried to talk reasonably with Lying Karen Le Roi..
    I did to but it’s useless. He’s just an uneducated troll.

  9. Jason

    >Ah, the old “the other guys do it, too”, defense. How original.

    No dummy, the old I don’t care if my party does it, but I’m outraged and foaming at the mouth of the other party does it. Get it yet stupid, you’re a hypocrite? That’s not an attack by the way, I used a question mark.

  10. Jason


    Not only is the timing of the Dane County Liberal Judge’ ruling blindingly suspect, couple that with the fact that he immediately put his ruling on hold…. and you get the impression it’s all bullshit. But Leroy didn’t read that far, he just confirmed his bias that a Liberal Judge was being capricious against a Conservative meanie. That’s why he’ll always be Leroy the Stain Collector.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awesome headline on this one!

  12. dad29

    Not to mention that Gableman’s subpoenas have been stiff-armed by the (D) players here AND the voting machine companies.

    About time that Vos gets into this hot instead of patty-cake.

  13. MjM

    Le Chatte du Nord loves him some Avenatti :” And three judges have found that gableman is wrong on that.”

    Please cite each court’s case number and decision against plaintiff Gableman. Maybe you could just name the defendants against whom Gablemen brought suit?

    Here’s a hint, numbnutz: You wont. Because you are lazy. And you can’t. Because they don’t exist.

    Aside from the obviousness that you didn’t read Gableman’s report, your (usual) Grand Canyon of ignorance of the previous three Zuck Buck filings is showing.

    You comprehend law as much as you do math, Mr. 2680+.

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