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0755, 16 Feb 22

Milwaukee Has a Real Choice for Mayor

Sadly, despite surging crime and crumbling neighborhoods, I fully expect Milwaukeeans to elect another leftist who will continue to push Milwaukee off the cliff. They have a choice to actually elect someone who would try to enact proven policies to reduce crime – Bob Donavan – but they won’t. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not.

MILWAUKEE, WI — Cavalier Johnson celebrated as the unofficial winner of the Milwaukee mayoral primary race on Tuesday. Johnson had nearly 37 percent of the vote as of 9:30 p.m., data from the Milwaukee County Election Commission data showed.


Johnson and former alderman Bob Donovan are projected winners of the 2022 spring primary. Donovan trailed behind Johnson with 27 percent of the vote, election commission data showed.




Several candidates told Patch that their first priorities for issues facing Milwaukee were tackling reckless driving and violence in the city, and each of their concerns boiled down to public safety.


Johnson, the acting mayor and president of the Common Council, told Patch he would address public safety with a strategy that combined law enforcement with criminal justice reform, neighborhood healing and community engagement.


0755, 16 February 2022


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Voting for Johnson is voting for perpetual crime. He has shown no indication on cracking down on repeat criminals being dumped in the community. He is typical, awful leftist.

  2. Jason

    Personally I feel sorry for the city. Both candidates are slime.

  3. dad29

    Telling that Channel 6 ran Johnson’s ENTIRE ‘acceptance’ speech on their 9P news and Channel 58 (5) ran most of it before cutting over to a brief Q&A with Donovan.

    And–as usual–Johnson’s remarks were generally meaningless blather/word-salad AND he wants all Wisconsin taxpayers to send him another $100-200 million which will fix Milwaukee’s problems.

    As if.

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