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1513, 11 Nov 21

Kenosha District Attorney Named D.A. of the Year


The Wisconsin District Attorneys’ Association (WDAA), an organization representing over 400 criminal prosecutors in the State of Wisconsin, is
pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s prosecutor of the year awards. These awards are designed to recognize the outstanding work of Wisconsin prosecutors, and include specific honors for a District Attorney, Deputy District Attorney, Assistant District Attorney and Rising Star, which is an ADA with 5-10 years of experience who demonstrates great promise and leadership in the field of prosecution.

Nominations were received from criminal justice system partners across the state and reviewed by a bipartisan committee of current and former prosecutors. The following recipients received their awards on November 4, 2021 during the fall State Prosecutors’ Education & Training conference held in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Bob Donohoo, Milwaukee County


Lifetime Achievement Award: Bob Barrington, Dodge County


District Attorney of the Year: Mike Gravely, Kenosha County


1513, 11 November 2021


  1. Mar

    Was he nominated by Kyle Rittenhouse ‘s lawyers?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann


    I will nominate your comment for “snark of the year”. :-)

    After seeing this….I fear Biden will be named greatest president of all time.

  3. dad29

    Biden will be nominated by the ChiComs.

    And yes, Mar’s crack IS ‘snark of the year.’

  4. Mark Hoefert

    Notice that he has been absent from the Kenosha “Trial of the Century”.

    Letting lunchbox ADA Binger take the fall.

    After this, expect Binger to get a full time gig as “legal expert” on CNN to develop fake takes for their target audience.

  5. Mar

    So, has Gravely, the Kenosha DA, been interrogating witnesses? Or is he letting the ADAs do the dirty work?
    When there is a big case, usually the DA or even AG take the case, if only for the publicity.
    But I think he is hiding behind the ADAs and hope it blows over, which it probably won’t..

  6. Merlin

    Gravely made a fatal political decision to appease the social justice crowd by overcharging Rittenhouse. There’s nothing Binger can do in a courtroom to fix that poor decision. There has never been any evidence to support the charges. Flogging Binger is misdirection and a pure waste of time.

    Had the politicians and law enforcement done their jobs properly protecting the peace in Kenosha there would be no Rittenhouse trial. They still don’t understand why a citizen militia felt the need to be on the streets. If Rittenhouse ultimately walks the morons will likely just continue to deny responsibility for being the cause to Rittenhouse’s effect. Slow learners.

  7. Mark Hoefert

    Gravely did decline charging Rusten Sheskey – the Kenosha Police Officer who shot Jacob Blake. That was a bold move.

    The current case had to be brought to trial – basically a response to the lynch mob mentality being demonstrated by the leftists. Bringing out the inner racists in each one of them. Like the old days down south when a black person committed a crime – no investigation, no arrest, no charges, no trial, no prison time. Just hang ’em in a tree. I would be more sympathetic to Critical Race Theory concepts being infused in school curriculums if it owned up to the racism of Democrats in the past. Absent that, it just seems like a grift to gather money from public education.

    I am seeing people now connecting the dots on Governor Evers – none of this would have happened if he had done his duty in accepting President Trump’s offer of National Guard assistance early on. The lives lost are on him.

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