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0655, 20 Oct 21

Karens Sue Schools Because Their Kids Got Sick

Unless these parents are also forcing masking, distancing, etc. on their kids in every other aspect of life, I don’t see how they can even prove that their kid got COVID at school. But imagine what kind of hell schools will be if they become liable for every kid who catches any kind of illness in their walls.

The parents in Waukesha and Fall Creek each filed federal lawsuits against their respective school boards after their children tested positive for COVID-19. The lawsuits claim the children got sick after they were exposed to another sick child while in school, and blame their children’s’ illness on the districts’ lack of mitigation strategies.


Both cases are seeking an order to force the districts to comply with COVID-19 guidance from the CDC.


The lawsuits are being funded by the Minocqua Brewing Company Super PAC. The Super PAC and the brewery, which has politically branded beers, are owned by Kirk Bangstad, who ran unsuccessfully last November for the Assembly District 34 seat against incumbent Republican Rob Swearingen. He started a Super PAC in January targeting Republican federal and state officials.


0655, 20 October 2021


  1. Mar

    I bet these Karen’s made their kids wear masks while at school the little darlings felt out of place. So, to make the little darlings feel good about themselves, the Karen’s want every to act the same.
    Most of us know mask mabdates do do work, it’s about power and show.
    These Karen’s should send their kids inside a large bubble, so the little darlings won’t get sick.

  2. Merlin

    Dems always find money to invent problems they never intend to solve. Misery is their preferred state of being.

  3. Mar

    I might add, Merlin, misery of others is their preferred method.
    Rules for thee, not for me is their mantra.
    The more misery they cause to others, the happier they are.

  4. MjM

    Yes. A lawyer from Las Vegas, and a nutball brewery owner…

    “which has politically branded beers, are owned by Kirk Bangstad, who… ”

    … is being sued by the local newspaper for libel
    … has recently had FEC complaints filed against him, and…

    “who ran unsuccessfully …”

    A nice way of saying he got clobbered by almost 30 points. The man is a hypocrite and a loon.

    His own words:

    “So I’ve written about how Trump has divided our nation and how our state Republican legislative majority hasn’t had the spine to stand up to the new “Party of Trump” in their choices to reject pandemic science, fight to take away our social safety net during an economic catastrophe, and amplify the ugly rhetoric of racism.

    After reading about all this ugliness, I often ask myself ‘Don’t these guys go to church?’

    I admit to not being a frequent churchgoer nor bible reader, but because it’s Sunday, I, with the help of my pastor, found some bible verses that guide me to reject the cruelty of Trump and his Wisconsin acolytes and seek a better path forward.”

    Remind you of any other WI northern loon we often hear from?

    As to the lawsuits, the CDC guidance is just that. It isn’t law. (Yes, they tried and succeeded for a while – see: eviction moratorium – but eventually logic and law prevailed and they were told to take a hike by the SCOTUS. And that was an actual CDC “order”).

    This is nothing more than an an attention grab/clickbait/PR stunt to gather as much PAC money as possible for Democrat campaigns in 2022.

  5. Mar

    If you go on the beer web site and actually read what he says, you would come to the conclusion is that the guy is a nut case, worthy of being a patient at the Mendota Mental Health Institute.
    It’s rambling, full of crackpot theories and hate
    He says he sometimes he goes to Church, well if he does, maybe it’s the Church of Satan with all the hate he professes.
    But I am sure liberals love him because the vast majority of liberals are full of hate, like Le Roi, for an example.

  6. Mar

    The fool sells Biden Beer. After drinking it, you have urge to sniff little children and make outlandish lies.
    Then there is ‘La beer named for Kamala. It does absolutely nothing.
    Then there’s Bernie Beer. It costs a $100 a can but liberals other people to pay for it for them.

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