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0717, 13 Sep 21

Wisconsin Manufacturers Worry about Mandate During Labor Shortage

Maybe this is a boon for small employers struggling for workers. It’s still a blatantly unconstitutional power grab by a tyrannical executive, but there are always silver linings.

Erik Eisenmann, a labor attorney in Husch Blackwell’s Milwaukee law office, has been hearing from employers who have been hesitant to mandate the vaccine because they don’t want workers to quit during a tight labor market.


“I have a lot of clients, especially in the manufacturing space, who tell me as much as 10 percent of the workforce might leave and go down the street and work for another company that doesn’t have a requirement,” Eisenmann said.


Torben Christensen, president and CEO of Wiscon Products Inc., a manufacturing parts supplier in Racine, said a mandate would be impossible for employers to monitor.


“Our job isn’t to be confrontational with our employees, we can’t even police them for time and attendance right now because there is such a labor shortage,” Christensen said. “How on earth am I going to start policing guys if they decide they don’t want to wear a mask or get the vaccine?”


Christensen’s company wouldn’t fall under Biden’s mandate — his company has about 45 employees. At its peak, he had around 65 people working for him.


Christensen said finding workers is the hardest part of his job, but he thinks vaccine mandates at larger companies in the area may encourage people to work for him instead.


“I feel it’s the guys and gals that are in manufacturing, the blue collar, that are nervous about the vaccine and don’t want to be told what to do by the government,” Christensen said. “I think it will open up opportunities for companies like mine and certainly the service industries that are struggling to find help.”

What I expect is that employers make is so easy to fraud that it isn’t much of a burden for employees at all.


0717, 13 September 2021


  1. Mar

    Lumberjack Joe now says ha applied for a job at Boise Cascade.
    They have no record of it.
    Next thing you know, Senile Joe will say he had a blue ox as a pet.

  2. dad29

    I think you’re right: employers who want to retain (or hire) employees will wink a LOT about those vaxxes. But they probably won’t have to; Biden cannot prevail in a court of law on this one.

  3. MjM

    Geezus. A “silver lining” in tyranny?!?

    Wondering how many companies just over the bubble will fire the 100th or higher employees to get to 99 so as not to have OSHA come knocking. And those just under the bubble now? Think they’ll be hiring?

    @Mar: Babblin’ Joe, the jerk of all trades.

  4. Merlin

    OSHA being the nimble bureaucracy that it is should be staffed up and ready to go by late 2027 or so.

  5. Jason

    The “silver lining” will be that companies with more than 100 employees will shift them to gig workers or contractors to get under that number. The effect of unintended consequences indeed. Large companies have been scrambling to shed whole departments for years…. Outsourcing will get shifted into high gear if this isn’t stopped.

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