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1549, 13 Sep 21

Tesla Opens Dealership on Tribal Land to Avoid Law

Coming to Wisconsin.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla opened up its first sales and service center in New Mexico this week thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership with a tribal nation.


New Mexico has laws on the books that prohibit car makers from selling directly to customers without going through third-party dealerships. The law has prevented Tesla from establishing an official presence in the state over the years.


But now Tesla has found a way around that. The electric car maker partnered with the first nation of Nambé Pueblo to open its first facility inside a defunct casino on tribal land north of Santa Fe, where the state law does not apply.


The facility opened Thursday with tribal leaders and state lawmakers in attendance who praised the deal.


1549, 13 September 2021


  1. Mar

    Tesla better be careful with who they are dealing with. Many a business has been screwed over by tribes throughout the US.
    Case in point, Grand Canyon West, here in Arizona was built by a guy almost singlehandedly. Just as he was about to get finished, the tribe basically used eminent domain and stole the property and the buildings from him and they now run the place.

  2. dad29

    Tribes up here are slightly less dishonest.

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