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2046, 02 Sep 21

Virtual Learning Contributes to Child Suicides

Perhaps I can cut some slack to the people who shut down schools last year when we didn’t know what we were dealing with. But the ones who want to shut down schools now for a virus that is virtually harmless to children have a lot to answer for.

A recent tweet from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner stated: “Since March of 2020, 60% percent of child suicides cited virtual learning as stressors in their life. Ages were 12 to 17.”


Dr. Schoof says the pandemic was hard on kids socially as well as academically as they transitioned to online learning.


“When we see students and their academics decline, they get very low self-esteem, they don’t believe they are worth anything. Those things are incredibly linked to an increase in suicide or presentation or even ideation,” said Dr. Schoof.


2046, 02 September 2021

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  1. Mar

    Liberals killing kids.
    But Pervert Boy Le Roi would say it’s the kids own damn fault.

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