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1245, 27 Aug 21

Democrat Kelda Roys Uses Opponent’s Illness as Political Weapon

Character matters and we know hers. These are not good people.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Democratic Wisconsin state senator who encouraged donations to defeat a Republican lawmaker who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now on a ventilator tweeted Thursday that she was sorry he was sick but stopped short of apologizing for her call to unseat him.


1245, 27 August 2021

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    I have no problem with what she said or did.
    II wish the GOP would be cut throat.
    For instance, if Senile Joe decides to run in 2024, should the GOP not question his mental abilities? Should we not question his mental issues?
    The GOP needs to get down and dirty instead of playing nice

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