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0741, 26 Aug 21

Barrett Goes to Luxembourg

He found his exit strategy.

MILWAUKEE — Longtime Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was nominated as the new United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, the White House confirmed Wednesday.


If Barrett is confirmed to the position, Milwaukee’s city charter states Common Council President Cavalier Johnson would become acting mayor until a new mayor is voted into office.

How do you rate him? Downtown thrived as part of a national trend, but the rest of the city burned – sometimes literally. Milwaukee got a trolley that nobody rides. He built a career on “he’s a nice guy who’s pretty harmless.” What an epitaph…


0741, 26 August 2021


  1. Merlin

    Will anyone even notice when he’s gone? Much like Luxembourg won’t notice that he’s there. Tommy like those money for nothing gigs.

  2. Jason

    >He built a career on “he’s a nice guy who’s pretty harmless.” What an epitaph…

    Sounds like it’s a perfect fit for Luxembourg. I hope he’s not missed due to Cavalier coming in to run things until 2024…

  3. steveegg

    How does someone say “milk carton” in Luxembourgish (yes, that is a distinct language)?

    It would be hilarious if Alfonso Morales won in 2024.

  4. Mar

    Murders skyrocket.
    Overall crime skyrockets.
    Choo choo is a financial disaster.
    Failed Democrat convention.
    Luxembourg can have him.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    What has this country ever done to us that we should inflict this awful leftist mayor on them.

    It’s like we declared war on Luxembourg.

  6. Mar

    “It’s like we declared war on Luxembourg.”
    Don’t worry, we’ll surrender to Luxembourg as well.

  7. dad29

    Whoever gets that job will have a horrific budget problem: underfunded pensions.

    VASTLY underfunded pensions.

    Think they can get Chicago to purchase the trolley-cars & tracks? The Mayor-ette there is pretty stupid.

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