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1424, 20 Aug 21

Bill Introduced to Modernize Car Sales

Do it.

Wisconsin is one of approximately 16 states with a law prohibiting car buyers from purchasing a car directly from the manufacturer, including online. Instead, consumers must go through a third-party dealership. Originally meant to protect dealerships in the mid-twentieth century, this law has rapidly become obsolete.


As Wisconsin consumers move into the future, this law limits consumer options and keeps our automobile market stuck in the days of wood-paneled station wagons and T-tops.


That’s why we recently introduced a proposal in the Legislature (Senate Bill 462 and Assembly Bill 439) that would allow consumers to purchase electric vehicles directly from the manufacturer without the requirement that they go through a traditional dealership.


Under this bipartisan bill, any manufacturer that produces an all-electric-powered vehicle could sell those vehicles directly to the consumer, both online and at manufacturer-owned dealerships. While traditional vehicles would still be subject to the traditional rules, this bill moves car buying one step into the future.


1424, 20 August 2021


  1. jonnyv

    It’s a start. But the fact that they are limiting it at all is a little unfortunate. Honestly it should be any vehicle, why are we making it more complicated than it should be.

  2. Mar

    JohnnyV, why would you buy a car online, without test driving it or if it is used, taking to an independent mechanic?

  3. Jason

    Mar, in Wisconsin you can return a car from a dealership within 3 days. Most online sellers like Vroom or Carvana offer a longer time.

    I placed an order for a 21 F350 back a year ago, and my dealership didn’t require a down payment and I could have walked away from the order st any time, even when it was delivered.

    Don’t be scared of buying a car online….

  4. dad29

    Don’t like dealers? Fine. But here are the facts:

    1) No auto company can bulk up its financing to cover all the vehicles they’ve made while they keep them in inventory waiting for a buyer. Dealers do that.

    2) No auto company can bulk up its financing to purchase millions of acres of storage-lots for the above inventory. Dealers do that.

    3) No auto company can take used car trades without ANOTHER massive bulk-up in financing. Dealers do that.

    4) There are 35,000 or so parts in every vehicle. No matter what “GM says” single-item demand pull manufacturing will not work for two reasons: supply-chain constraints and factories which REQUIRE continuous employment to make ROI.

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