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2218, 24 Jul 21

Wind Farms Threaten Fishing Industry

I suspect that the fears may be overstated, but it is worth remembering that every action has consequences.

While there isn’t a single wind turbine spinning off the coast of the Garden state yet, plans are under way for new offshore wind developments that hope to power more than a million homes with carbon-free energy over the next several years.


The wind farms are expected to create thousands of new jobs, but the price tag looks steep to Dameron, who fears those jobs and climate benefits will come at the expense of his industry. If wind lease areas are fully developed across the mid-Atlantic, Dameron said clam fishermen will lose access to highly productive areas of the ocean, which could send the multimillion-dollar industry into a “downward spiral”.


“I could see the clam industry in Atlantic City disappearing,” Dameron said.


2218, 24 July 2021


  1. Mar

    “The wind farms are expected to create thousands of new jobs,”
    Now, that’s a lie.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Why would you say that, mar?

  3. Mar

    There is a wind powered windmills north of where I lived and I watched it being built.
    They hired about 5 trucks to ship the ladies and base and also 2 pilot cars per truck, so that is 15 people.
    At the site, there a couple of technicians per shift, plus managers and maybe a secretary, so maybe 20 employees.
    The set up crew was about 20 people, a crane operator, a few site managers and the rest laborers.

    TPI has a factory and from what I can see is that they have about 500 employees.
    That’s about 550 employees.
    I don’t know where the base was made, but I am pretty sure they don’t have employees.
    And the key word is created, and from what I can see, it about 20 or so jobs were created at this job site.
    Now, with windmills being in water, that might employ a few more employees as boat drivers and diversdo, how many new jobs were created, I would say maybe 20 + divers and boat drivers.

  4. Mar

    “but I am pretty sure they don’t have employees. Should have said they don’t have that many employees devoted to the job I mentioned.
    Plus they would have other jobs to work on.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    A lot of assumptions there , mar. And not much for facts.

    And no mention of potential job created by the additional electrical power supply.

    “wind powered windmills”. Classic.

  6. Mar

    And yet, Lying Le Roi, you present nothing, again.
    Just doing your afternoon trolling?

  7. dad29

    There will be plenty of jobs? Since LeeeeeeeeeeeRoy knows all about that, maybe he can tell us what jobs, how long they’ll last, and where they will be done.

    Simple assembly and erection of the towers/generators will require workers as MAR indicates. But they go away when the job is done.

    Where are the blades made? The generators?

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    What was the lie this time, mar?

  9. Mar

    Didn’t say you lied this time, but you know, your reputation is for lying.
    But you certainly trolled, Troll Boy Le Roi.

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    Satisfied? Certainly not. I’m never satisfied in my quest for knowledge. You, however, obviously prefer ignorance.

    Why am I a troll, and not you? Answer this time.

  11. Mar

    “Why am I a troll, and not you? Answer this time.”
    I’ve answered this many times, moron.
    If you need help, just look at this thread.
    What did you write that was informative, answered questions posed to you, responded with facts?
    On the otherhand, I answered your question, provided information and am not a troll.
    So, troll away, Troll Boy Le Roi. Your just a piece of shit that likes to troll.
    And lie. A proven liar.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, you have never answerer the question. You just do what you always do; make false accusations, and spew out names. You you did it again. Bravo!

    You provided no facts this time, just your biased observations. Facts can be proven, nothing you said can be verified.

  13. Mar

    Name one false accusation I have made against you
    You are a pervert. You love a judge who watches babies being raped.
    You lie constantly. I caught you the other day. And many times before that. And others have caught you lying.
    You troll constantly. Just like on this thread.
    You refuse to answer simple questions when posed to you.
    You are uneducated. I am still waiting on your challenge about our education, that you proposed.
    You lie about not being hateful.
    You are disrespectful.
    So, what false accusations have I made against you, Pervert Boy Le Roi.

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    There you go again, mar, making false accusations against others. You are nothing if not consistent.

    Respect is earned. I’ll let you know when you have earned some.

  15. Mar

    Of course, I forgot Coward Boy because you refuse to defend yourself.
    And your claims that you don’t hate people is laughable. That you are educated is another whopper.
    And I don’t want your respect because that would seriously degrade my standards.

  16. Jason

    I find it humorous that Bitch Boy LeRoy suddenly can think of a bigger picture about ancillary jobs on something like this… and argued (stupidly, I must say) against anyone who did that about Foxconn, and has argued that same position even in the last two weeks. The King of Hypocrisy, Leroy SaggyPants.

  17. Le Roi du Nord

    Sure thing j, we as state and local taxpayers have $1.3 (and counting) Billion stuck in Foxconn and not a manufacturing job in sight. Now go look in the mirror.

  18. Mar

    And Lying Le Roi lies again.
    “Foxconn, the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, has reached a new agreement with the state of Wisconsin after years of delays to begin mass production at its U.S. plant.

    The agreement likely will let the Apple supplier scale back its unfinished manufacturing facility in Wisconsin, with reduced tax breaks from the government, based on Monday’s announcement by Foxconn and Gov. Tony Evers. The deal still needs approval from Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., the state’s top business agency, which will meet Tuesday to vote on the issue.”

  19. Mar

    Oh, and it took me and Google about 15 seconds to find this.
    Lying Le Roi apparently doesn’t know what Google is about.

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    Anything being built at Foxconn yet? Was it worth $1.3+ billion?

    And not that long ago you tried to mock me for using Google. My, how times change.

  21. Mar

    Gee, Mentally Retarded Le Roi,you said there were no manufacturing jobs in sight.
    I provided evidence that you lied again.
    Changinging the subject Jackass Boy Le Roi?
    You are caught lying again and you tried to change the subject.
    As Paul says, you really are a punching bag besides being a pervert supporter.
    When are you going to return you alleged diploma from Stevens Point?
    They are embarrassed that you actually step foot in the city of Stevens Point.
    Hell, Portage County wants to disown you.
    And if you were ever employed by the State if Wisconsin at their rest stops, they want to disown you.
    Shoot, even the Biden administration is embarrassed by you and want to revoke your citizenship and send you to Yemen or Somali. But if they don’t take you, you can always be a human shield in Palestinian terrorties

  22. Mar

    And show me where I mocked you using Google.

  23. Le Roi du Nord


    Point out where in the article you posted shows that anything is being manufactured by foxconn in WI?

    And where is the proof of this ridiculous claim, “Portage County wants to disown you”.

    And this one, “want to revoke your citizenship and send you to Yemen or Somali”.

  24. Jason

    >we as state and local taxpayers have $1.3 (and counting) Billion

    Lie one.

    >Foxconn and not a manufacturing job in sight.

    Lie two.

    Oh and I mocked you for linking to a news article while leaving the Facebook tracking in the URL. We all thought it was funny what you use for your daily news. Social Media… Dipshit Leroy.

  25. Mar

    “Point out where in the article you posted shows that anything is being manufactured by foxconn in WI?”
    I guess you missed the part of Gov.Tony Evers being mentioned, dumbass.

  26. Mar

    Still waiting for you to share when I mocked you for using Google., Lying Le Roi.

  27. Mar

    And Troll Boy Le Roi is out for another evening troll of B&S.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    So there was a quote from the Gov., where did it say what was being manufactured?

    Any other proof of your false claims?

  29. Mar

    Your refusal to read the article naturally makes it my fault that you cannot comprehend what was written.
    You such an idiot.
    And when did I mock you for using Google or you just making up another lie about me?

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