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2214, 26 Jun 21

Wisconsin Supreme Court Punts on Another Important Ruling

Hagedorn is the Souter of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Friday tossed out an election lawsuit brought by a conservative businessman in an effort to halt the use of absentee ballot boxes in future elections.

The 4-3 decision is another decided by conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn’s swing vote. Hagedorn joined liberal justices in declining to hear the lawsuit filed in March against the Wisconsin Elections Commission, Madison, Milwaukee and others by Jere Fabick, a prominent Republican donor and president of Fabick Cat, the Caterpillar equipment and engine dealer.

Justices in the majority relied upon procedural reasons not to hear the case over concerns from a minority of conservative justices that the state’s highest court is avoiding taking on important cases.


2214, 26 June 2021


  1. Mar

    I disagree. He’s the John Roberts of the Wi. Supreme Court.
    Wants publicity and get along with those who party on State Street or on East or West Washington and the side streets around the area.

  2. Mar

    Maybe even in Maple Bluff, but not sure if the bar is still there, in the Town of Burke, around 3 blocks from the governor’s mansion

  3. Mar

    Thugh Wiggies is closed, great bar, fun time but I guess the homeless took it over. Typical Madison liberals.
    Dumb as Le Roi is smart.
    But not dumber. Le Roi has the dumbest comments ever.

  4. dad29

    Once again, Government-Man Hagedorn knifes democracy.

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