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0704, 09 Jun 21

Spending a Windfall

Wow. Look at how this news story frames the issue:

It’s a windfall that sets up the legislature and governor for any number of spending options, in a landscape where both sides have rarely come to agreement in terms of spending.

So the “problem” is that the politicians may disagree on how to “spend” their “windfall.” That is billions of dollars that was taken from Wisconsinites. It is not a “windfall.” It is over-taxation. The only debate should be about which taxes to cut to bring tax collections in line with the minimum amount the government needs to operate.


0704, 09 June 2021

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  1. dad29

    Recall that Trump increased taxes on individuals living in high- income/high-proptax States.

    So Wisconsin could reduce its top rate, which is a two-fer; reducing State revenues to where they belong AND helping Wisconsin taxpayers with Fed taxes, too.

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