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0806, 07 Jun 21

“Endangering” Federal Money

This is not a problem.

A Republican lawmaker on the Legislature’s powerful budget-writing committee said the state would stay in compliance with federal guidelines, so as not to miss out on $1.5 billion in federal matching funds for education.

First, this is a good reminder that nothing is ever “free.” The federal money has demands that state taxpayers increase spending because it isn’t about COVID-19 relief. It is about increasing spending on a loyal Democratic constituency – government teachers.

Second, there is no way that the federal government doesn’t grant a waiver if necessary. Here’s how this plays out…

Step 1: Evers and Democrats beat up Republicans for a few weeks to get more K-12 spending in the budget.

Step 3: Irrespective of whether Republicans in the legislature increase spending or not, Evers calls Washington to make sure the money will flow.

Step 4: Biden’s administration sends money.

Step 5: Evers takes credit for “saving” billions in federal money and uses it as an “achievement” for his reelection campaign.

Republicans should hold their ground. There is no upside – politically or educationally – to spending more money on government schools.


0806, 07 June 2021


  1. Jason

    Ever’s announcement for reelection is full of crying about the Republicans and bragging about his accomplishment. And no that’s not a typo… he thinks he has a single accomplishment.

  2. steveegg

    Given the DPW, and especially Evers, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WEAC, you pretty much nailed it, Jason.

  3. Mar

    Evers will lie about his accomplishments.
    The GOP canidate will lie about some of Evers accomplishments.
    It doesn’t look like the GOP will put up a strong canidate.
    Though an average or just below average GOP canidate should beat Evers.

  4. Tuerqas

    I do wonder about ‘missing out on money’ from the federal Gov’t. That money is coming from everyone’s pocketbook, right? If we did eschew the money it just goes somewhere else, it doesn’t get Wisconsinite’s taxes reduced. State legislators would not be saving us a dime by turning away the fed money, would they? It just means WI taxpayers federal tax dollars will be used in another State.
    The only thing they could do would be to save that money for future budgets, really, or am I missing something? Don’t get me wrong, I HATE that this is a logical argument, but spenders are gonna spend.

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