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1850, 25 May 21

Gavel In, Gavel Out

The legislature gave Evers’ political stunt the respect it deserved. Whether you agree with expanding Medicaid or not (I don’t), there is no reason for a special session. The legislature is actually in session and could take this up in normal order if they wanted. The only reason Evers called a special session, which he knew would be ended quickly without action, was to get this as a new story. Pure politics. Meanwhile, Evers still won’t engage with Republicans to discuss the budget.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature convened then immediately ended a special session called by Democratic Gov. Tony Evers to expand Medicaid.


The move dashes the state’s chances for claiming $1 billion in federal funding to expand Medicaid that was included in the coronavirus stimulus bill.


The Senate was in session for less than 10 seconds and Assembly was done in under 40 seconds. There was no debate in either chamber.


1850, 25 May 2021


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