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2047, 11 May 21

Opposing Hwy W Expansion

There is another thoughtful letter to the editor in the Washington County Insider opposing the expansion of Hwy W through private property.

Also, you cannot excuse a yes vote as just “progress.”  If you do, you are not governing for the “people.”  You are just blindly following your transportation plan without thinking.  The supposed “progress” is theoretical.

Maybe more people will travel to Hartford to work and do business but no one will ever know.  There are too many factors affecting those kinds of issues.  “Progress” in this case, is not a tangible thing.  You cannot promise any real benefit.  To the families, however, it is very real.  To them, “progress” is likely a shameful and embarrassing government infringement on private property rights and the future of their farms.  The 11.4 acres is measurable, the emotional toll can be seen.


2047, 11 May 2021

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  1. Tuerqas

    This seems kind of like a variant of ‘repeating a lie until it is considered true’. Put up the proposal until enough people believe our Government must be proposing the best course of action.
    I wonder who is winning and what they are winning that they keep proposing the same thing over and over. One official saves a minute and a half on his way to work every day? I have seen literally over a dozen examples of street lights going up because one board member (or board member’s patron) is tired of waiting a few days a week to turn off his dinky little road. So of course, make a thousand cars a day wait so that 25 cars a day can turn faster.

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