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1612, 26 Apr 21

WILL Threatens to Sue Madison Schools Over Segregationist Policies

It’s like 1952 Mississippi in Madison except instead of drinking fountains it’s Zoom links.

MADISON (WKOW) — A conservative law firm threatened to sue the Madison Metropolitan School District over an email sent to West High School families inviting them to participate in discussion of police brutality.


The email gave two links to video conferences for families to join: one for white parents and one for parents of color.


The Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty claimed that the email amounted to “racial segregation.”


A spokesperson for the school district called the email to families “poorly worded” but also said the separate links reflected MMSD’s use of the “Affinity Group Model.”


“The Affinity Group model is a well established method to provide opportunity for people who share a common identity to connect with other people who share aspects of their identity, especially in a situation where they feel their identity is marginalized,” the district spokesperson said.


WILL sent a letter to the district’s superintendent, Dr. Carlton Jenkins, Monday laying out their complaints against the use of separate video conferences for families based on race.


“Madison West’s justifications for racial segregation are indistinguishable
from the segregationists of the 1950s,” the letter said. “These arguments are no different from those advanced by the proponents of Jim Crow.”

BTW, I’d never heard of an “Affinity Group” before, so I turned to good ol’ DuckDuckGo. It appears to be a concept that comes out of the anarchist movement.

The affinity group is not only a vehicle for changing the world—like any good anarchist practice, it is also a model for alternative worlds, and a seed from which such worlds can grow. In an anarchist economy, decisions are not made by boards of directors, nor tasks carried out by masses of worker drones: affinity groups decide and act together. Indeed, the affinity group/cluster/spokescouncil model is simply another incarnation of the communes and workers’ councils that formed the backbone of earlier successful (however short-lived) anarchist revolutions.


1612, 26 April 2021


  1. Mar

    While I agree this is an embarrassment to the teaching , morally wrong and liberal stupidity, what would the basis of the lawsuit be?
    Schools discriminate against people all the time

  2. dad29

    Here’s a thought: how about an Affinity Group composed of “Parents of West High Students”?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    What is with Democrats and their cntinual embrace of Jim Crow laws?

    Nord cheers the reprehensible embrace.

  4. Jason

    >Here’s a thought: how about an Affinity Group composed of “Parents of West High Students”?

    Would probably end up de-platformed by the Liberal elite. Ironically, that definition of “Affinity Group” defines Q to a tee. Yet the Liberals are too stupid to understand that nuance… right Leroy?

  5. Jason

    >so I turned to good ol’ DuckDuckGo.

    I’ve been using DDG exclusively since Trump was deplatformed. It is stunning just how much Google censors things. With that said the only way to get the truth about what’s happening in Maricopa County, AZ is via anything-other-than-google.

    The fact that those Liberals there are crying foul about a company not having any experience counting ballots (really, only a cunt liberal would try to tell the world that ballot counting is hard) while the Mayor of Green Bay is defending his shitatain actions during the Pres election is disgusting. Exactly what is Rubenstien’s and the National Vote At Home Institute’s qualifications to manage one? Double standards that even the simplest child can see.

  6. Mar

    Jason,the Democrats have been slapped down in Maricopa County and the audit continues.
    However,I would caution you, the Mccain’s, mom and daughter, might have played more of a role in affecting Arizona and Maricopa County election results than the Democrats.

  7. MjM

    Is anyone surprised that the party of George Wallace is still the party of George Wallace?

    The only difference today, strange as it may be, is the number black folks agreeing with George Wallace.

  8. Merlin

    Affinity groups fit rather nicely with the Left’s love of tribalism and revisionist history. Reality is what they say it is and their lemmings question none of this garbage being dumped on them. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them repurpose their white hoods before much longer.

  9. Tuerqas

    Hahaha! So what is the difference between an Affinity Group and ghettoism? Do you have any idea how many times I have been called a racist because I stated I believe that ethnic neighborhoods occur much more because people new to an area will choose a location nearer to other people like them than for any other reason (often invited in by relations)? I was clearly insensitive and an institutional racist and blacks in Milwaukee have been forced into ghettoes, blah, blah, blah. And now we have ghettoes re-packaged as affinity groups by the name callers. How not shocked I am, as I have always argued that based on evidence, Dems are the racists for keeping blacks in their inner cities through their local governing.

    “Reality is what they say it is and their lemmings question none of this garbage being dumped on them. ”

    I couldn’t agree more, though I usually use the term programming. Liberalism is what public schools are teaching today, reinforced daily by MSM and social media.
    The US is falling and the steady defeat of individual thought is the primary cause.

  10. dad29

    ethnic neighborhoods occur much more because people new to an area will choose a location nearer to other people like them than for any other reason

    Yup. Early on, Germans settled with Germans on the near North side; the Poles on the near South side, the Italians on the lower East side, and the Anglo-Saxons on the Upper east, far-west (Highlands, Tosa/Elm Grove), and the lakeshore(s), north and south.

    There were some exceptions to those rules, and over decades with inter-marriages, it’s become far less ‘bright-lined,’ but it IS interesting that the southern suburbs of Greenfield, Franklin, and New Berlin are markedly Polish while the north- and central-suburbs (Brookfield, Meno Falls) are more heavily German.

    Less clear but equally strong are the “church” ties connected to national origins.

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