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0738, 24 Mar 21

Legislature Passes Series of Bills

Let’s take a look:

Under one vaccination bill, state and local health officers would not be allowed to require the public to receive COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Agree. This is a personal choice.

A second bill would bar employers from requiring their workers to receive vaccinations.

Disagree. A private employer should be able to require employees to be vaccinated if it is necessary. For example, requiring it for people to work in a meat plant may be more necessary than in a factory.

Another proposal considered Tuesday would require Evers to submit a plan to the Legislature setting a timeline for the return of state employees to in-person work.

Agree, but… we should also take a serious look at how many workers could remain virtual forever. Not only would this reduce the expense of physical locations, but it would also open the jobs to people anywhere in Wisconsin. If the position is virtual, there’s no need to live near the government office.

Another pandemic-related plan approved by the Assembly on Tuesday would prohibit local health officials from closing or limiting gatherings in places of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agree. 1st Amendment and whatnot.

Both the Assembly and the Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would give the Legislature more control over spending Wisconsin’s share of the recently-approved $1.9 trillion federal relief package, although the votes could end up being largely symbolic.

Agree. Checks and Balances

One of the plans, which already passed the state Assembly, would let bars and restaurants sell cocktails to go if the drinks are equipped with a “tamper-evident seal.”

Agree. Other states have done this and I haven’t seen any indication that it has been a problem. Let’s face it… this is not how drunk drivers get their drunk on. But if someone is picking up a fish fry to go, they can get that old fashioned to take home instead of drinking it at the bar before driving home.

Senators also passed another bill that would let retailers make online or telephone sales of alcoholic beverages to be picked up by the customer at parking spaces that are part of the retail licensed premises.

I didn’t realize this was illegal, but agree. It shouldn’t be.





0738, 24 March 2021


  1. Mar

    “Disagree. A private employer should be able to require employees to be vaccinated if it is necessary.”
    I disagree. What if you already got the virus? You are supposed to be immune, if we have told the truth. So, why get the vaccine if you don’t need it? That, I don’t reading recall many studies where they tested those who got the vaccine and got the disease.
    And we don’t force employees to get other vaccines. When was the last time an employer demanded you bring in your shot records if you wanted to work there?

  2. MjM

    Owen sez: “I didn’t realize this was illegal, …”

    At the state level. But…

    ” If the municipality elects to, it may also permit sale of intoxicating liquor in any quantity, in the original sealed container, for consumption off the premises….”

    A month or so ago we phoned in/paid for an order from a Mexican restaurant for curbside pickup. The order included six margaritas. The mix came in a go-cup, the tequila in airplane bottles.

  3. dad29

    we should also take a serious look at how many workers could

    ….be dropped from the payroll altogether.

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