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2146, 08 Mar 21

Stroebel Weighs in on Local School Board Election

Good for him. I wish more prominent people would weigh in on local elections.

Speaking of elections, the Wisconsin Spring Election is quickly approaching on April 6th.  With respect to the state Superintendent race, Deborah Kerr is clearly the best choice – I urge all to support her.  But we also need to focus on our local spring elections.  These races are critical to effective governance of our towns, villages, cities, counties and school boards.  Please research the races and get out to support our conservative candidates.  And I do not just mean vote….I mean get out and help these candidates in any way you are able.  We have to actively engage – it DOES make a difference!
I am doing what I can in a local school board election in my hometown of Cedarburg.  Our school districts desperately need common sense conservatives to provide leadership.  I fully support Dave Krier and Kate Noetzel for our Cedarburg School Board.  If you are in the District, please take note of the attached flyer and stop by their “Meet and Greet” this Thursday – I will be the special guest at the event.  Their races will not be easy; it is going to take an intense team effort from grassroots leaders to get these great candidates across the finish line.


Duey Stroebel
State Senator
20th Senate District


2146, 08 March 2021

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’d wish he would weigh in on all races in State Senate District.

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