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0656, 04 Mar 21

Central Planning on Display

Stroebel isn’t wrong.

“The first two-and-a-half months of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution have put many of the pitfalls of unchecked, government central planning on full display. The latest pitfall is the Evers administration’s arbitrary decision to rely exclusively on measures of poverty and race to determine the school districts that are being placed at the front of the line for teacher vaccination,” Stroebel said. “As a result, school districts that have offered little to no in-person instruction over the past 12 months are being rewarded for placing the interests of teachers’ unions above the best interests of children and families.”


But Stroebel’s concerns with vaccine prioritization may be moot. During a press conference Tuesday, DHS Deputy Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said that they haven’t had to use those rankings and may not ever need to.

I love the response from the DHS person… “sure, we have those rankings but we haven’t had to use them.” So? How does that change the fact that they are ranking priority based on arbitrary distinctions instead of following the science?


0656, 04 March 2021

1 Comment

  1. dad29

    The State is not using them.

    Tommy Barrett, however, IS using them.

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