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1914, 14 Jan 21

State of Wisconsin Fails in Vaccine Distribution


The current status of the Wisconsin COVID-19 Vaccine Program is unacceptable. We are 40th in the country for distribution and you are holding back our local healthcare providers who are trying to save lives!


You have had months to design a vaccine distribution plan that would deploy vaccines quickly and efficiently. You have all of the tools and money you need at your disposal. Multiple entities have offered to help you distribute the vaccine! Our hospitals can do this for you, if you let them. Get out of the way!


Our people are waiting and hundreds of vaccines are sitting in storage while you figure out the politics of distribution rather than just getting the vaccine out to the people. What are you waiting for?


We have been in contact with our local community hospitals and have learned that they are ready to take next steps in vaccine distribution, but they are waiting on you and your department. They have vaccines – on hand – and want to vaccinate our citizens. But you are stopping them.


1914, 14 January 2021


  1. Mar

    I’m in Los Angeles now working. They are throwing away vaccine doses because not everyone shows up for the their appointment to get the vaccine the the dumbass liberal politicians told the clinics they cannot give the vaccine to anyone not on the right list.
    Liberals just love killing people.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Evers is just awful.

    Why aren’t liberals accusing him of killing people? This is far worse than anything Trump ever did and liberals blamed Trump for Covid deaths.

    Awful. Just awful.

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