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2018, 10 Dec 20

Wisconsinites See Second Highest Tax Hike in Decade from K-12 Schools

And in a year where far too many schools chose not to educate. Unconscionable

Statewide, residents of Wisconsin will see a 3.3% increase in property taxes going towards K-12 schools on their December bills to nearly $5.4 billion. Though this represents a slowdown from the 4.5% growth in 2019, it is still greater than any other year over the past decade. The increase likely reflects the high rate of passage for recent district referenda and – for certain districts at least – increases in state revenue limits for schools.


2018, 10 December 2020

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  1. steveegg

    Trying to hang onto the governor’s office isn’t going to come cheap for WEAC and its wholly-owned subsidary the DPW.

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