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2001, 01 Dec 20

Senator Stroebel Replaces Senator Darling on JFC

This is very good news.

Madison, WI – State Sen. Duey Stroebel (R-Saukville) released the following statement today after being appointed Senate Vice-Chairman of the Joint Finance Committee:

“I am honored to be appointed to this position and grateful to Majority Leader-elect LeMahieu for this opportunity. Since being appointed to the Joint Finance Committee in 2017, I have advocated for common sense budgeting and fiscal responsibility.

“To taxpayers, I pledge to continue fighting for your interests and the wise stewardship of your hard-earned tax dollars. Decision-makers in Madison need to stay grounded in the realities faced every day by Wisconsin’s workers, farmers, and employers. Those realities will continue to guide my work on the Finance Committee.

“To my colleagues, I will work diligently to represent the interests of our chamber during the budget process. Senate Republicans have a great track record of pushing for more efficient, more effective, and smaller government that spends only what it needs and returns savings to the taxpayers. I look forward to working with each of you to craft the next state budget.

Senator Darling had been drifting more purple as her district has (she was even running ads bragging about how she was responsible for the most spending on government schools in the history of Wisconsin). Stroebel is a smart conservative and we couldn’t ask for a better Senator to help craft the budget.

CORRECTION: I mistook “vice”chair for “co”chair. Stroebel moved up in the leadership, but Senator Marklein actually took Darling’s position. Still… good moves that are good for Wisconsin.


2001, 01 December 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awesome choice!

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Looks like they will have to replace Nygren, as he resigned effective…. tomorrow.

  3. Jason

    Yeah, Owen already posted that, thanks for being as astute as always Leroy.

  4. Mar

    Hey, little coward lying sociopath.
    I guess you admit you lied and are a liar.
    Ok, I can live with that, you hateful, hateful person.

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    What’s the lie, mar?  Or just cranky today?

  6. Mar

    So, sociopath, playing and trolling again.
    You’re just like a broken record.
    You lie. You get caught. You run away.
    And then play stupid.
    Try something more original next time.
    No wonder most people here think you and a septic have in common.

  7. Le Roi du Nord

    Not at all, mar.  I asked a question, care to answer?

  8. dad29

    Would be interesting to hear the voicemails of the “death threats,” and to know whether or not they’re false flags.  Just sayin’…….

  9. Le Roi du Nord

    You mean like all the claims of massive voter fraud?  I’d like to see some proof, but that will never surface.

  10. Mar

    “Not at all, mar.  I asked a question, care to answer?”
    Nope. Cannot help if you are too senile, stupid or a troll from remembering something from 3 says ago or so.
    You really must lie so much that you cannot even remember your lies.
    What a waste oxygen when you breathe.

  11. dad29

    Keep your eyes closed and you won’t see anything.

    Anything to offer about the topic of the post, numbnuts?

  12. Mar

    “I’d like to see some proof, but that will never surface.”
    It already has, moron but with your 3 brain cells, you would not understand or comprehend any of it.
    But just keep on being a hateful awful person.

  13. Le Roi du Nord

    Well guys, there hasn’t been any proof.  DoJ says there isn’t, Republican governors (even yours, mar) and SofS say there isn’t, the courts say there isn’t.  You folks have been listening to trump and rudy, not the folks that actually count and certify the votes.

    I’ll wait and see what they have to offer as “proof”.

  14. dad29


  15. Mar

    “Well guys, there hasn’t been any proof.  DoJ says there isn’t,”
    And the sociopath lies again.
    The DOJ said they didn’t find enough fraud to overturn the election, you POS.
    Just lie and lie and lie.
    I bet your dog runs and hides when you go on your phone or computer because it is embarrassed by your lying.
    Still waiting for your apology for lying about me.

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