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1055, 25 Nov 20

Some Details on Shooting at Mayfair Mall

The only reason that there weren’t multiple fatalities is because this guy was a bad shot. Pray this predator never sees the light of day again.

According to the petition, the teen and a friend were in the mall Friday when the friend confronted a group of people descending an escalator, yelling then punching one person in the group. Witnesses told police the teen was farther back and “took a shooter’s stance.” He began firing with a handgun drawn from his waistband, the petition says.

The teen fled and was arrested Sunday in a car with Illinois plates, with a packed bag and the handgun police said was used in the shooting, the petition says. Police have said two others were also arrested but have not described their roles in the shooting.


1055, 25 November 2020


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I bet an interview with the parents of this criminal punk might explain a lot.


  2. Mar

    Bet he plays a lot of video games.

  3. steveegg

    He’ll be out in at most a couple years of juvenile because he’s not a conservative in Chisholm’s Milwaukee County.

  4. TEXAG

    I was struck by the use of the term “groups”. I was thinking of another word that starts with “g”.

  5. dad29

    I was thinking of another word that starts with “g”.

    You’re not alone.  But using the word GANG in connection with Mayfair visitors would put that center out of business before 12/31/20.

    They still pay a helluvalot of taxes to Tosa.

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